Rare Autoinflammatory Disease Manifesto

To mark Rare Disease Day 2021, we are proud to launch the Rare Autoinflammatory Disease Manifesto.

Created by Novartis together with patient organizations, experts and patients, the manifesto aims to raise awareness and understanding of rare autoinflammatory diseases and improve the lives of people living with these conditions.

With this manifesto, we present a call for action for healthcare professionals, policymakers, patient advocacy groups and others around the world to take action, raise awareness and help those living with these diseases live better lives by overcoming barriers to their journey towards optimal management and care.

For those living with rare autoinflammatory diseases, this often means unpredictable and insidious symptoms, which presents severe physical, emotional, social and financial burdens for them, their families and carers.

The manifesto offers information about unmet needs and the multifaceted burdens of rare autoinflammatory diseases, but also emphasises the need to improve lifelong care and support for this community.

We look forward to sharing more information with you on the manifesto and its impact throughout the year, and we hope it will raise awareness and help improve the lives of all those living with a rare autoinflammatory disease.


Please note, the Manifesto has only been approved by Novartis at the global level, and will require local approval prior to implementation. 

December 2015 - GLDEIM/ACZ885/0044