"Living with Recurrent Fevers" educational tool

Hereditary recurrent fever syndromes are a group of rare genetic conditions, belonging to the family of auto-inflammatory diseases, which affect every part of patients’ lives and that of their families. Due to their hereditary nature, most of these disorders have an early onset and are lifelong diseases. They can affect every aspect of daily life, such as education, as well as social and emotional aspects and require changes of lifestyle for both children and their families.

Learn more about recurrent fever syndromes and get advice to help you if you know someone with a recurrent fever syndrome via the brochure below.


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A minute change in DNA can have big impact

Here’s our current understanding of the science behind the tiny DNA change(s) that lead to rare periodic fevers.

Periodic Fevers

December 2015 - GLDEIM/ACZ885/0044